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09 December 2010 @ 10:28 am
American Idol / Lire Casander / 100-B #34 ~ shadows  
[title] Blank Nights
[author] Lire Casander
[fandom] American Idol
[prompt] #34 ~ shadows from table 100B
[beta] rampantskyline. Any remaining mistakes are my own fault.
[pairing] David Cook/David Archuleta (preslash)
[rating] PG
[word count] 663
[summary] David has missed tons of things from home while he's been on tour with the band. He's missed spending time with Adam, taking him to the park, learning to count to one hundred, getting up early on a Sunday to show him the sunrise. He's missed Dublin and his never ending barks in the middle of the night, the smell of all things homey. What he hasn't missed, not a single bit, is Adam's fear of the shadows in his room.
[disclaimer] I don't own nor have ever met David Cook nor David Archuleta. Everything about them is completely fiction, and any similarity with reality is a mere coincidence.
[warnings] Fluff. And a cute little kid!
[author's notes] Written for clover71 for her prompt sequel to Bound To Happen over at my prompts post.

Blank Nights