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100 prompts

oh, darling, where've you been?

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100 Prompts Fanfic Challenge
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100 prompts;

Welcome to 100_Prompts! This is a low pressure prompt community that should help you with finding inspiration for any number of fics, ficlets, drabbles or even artwork. We give you a series words, and you let each inspire you to do wonderful creative things! isaviel started this com with the intention of providing LJ users a place to find prompts for their Original Characters [OCs] and also to choose what size table of prompts they wanted to complete! Not feeling up to 100 prompts with one character, pairing or fandom? Then try the 50 or the 30!

You may claim a whole fandom as a General Series or a Single Character, Pairing from anything you want to. TV, Movies, Books, Anime, Manga or comics, anything is accepted INCLUDING Original Characters. They can be inserted into an existing series, or in a crossover with another or be part of your own Original Universe!

Please makes sure to read all the RULES before making your claim.
Please make sure to read the CLAIMS lists before you post.

Taken Claims
Fandom SpecificFandom CrossoversOriginal CharacterOriginal Universe

30 Prompts50 Prompts100 Prompts



1. Respect the mods and your fellow members.
2. Only post your own creations.
3. Co-authoring is fine if you speficy so when claiming.
4. Original Characters are totally welcome!
5. Gen/Het/Yaoi/Yuri are all acceptable.
5. Acceptable ratings are G through NC-17.
6. Try and post at least once a month. There will be activity checks.
7. There is a limit to claims;
→ Only one 100 prompt table at a time.
→ Max of two claims if you have chosen a 100 prompt table.
→ Max of three claims if you have not chosen a 100 ptompt table.
8. Up to two people per any general series claim.
9. Only one person per character or pairing claim. However, if someone claims a pairing, someone else with a general series claim can write for that pairing. For example, if someone has a Sakura/Sasuke claim, someone can claim either the Naruto general series and write some fics centered around that pairing, or claim Sasuke OR Sakura and write pairing fics.


1. Read ALL the rules.
2. Join the com (You won't have posting access until your claim is approved)
3. Choose your claim and table and post them HERE we'll give you a tag for you to use when you post your work so it will be easy to locate.
4. Wait for your claim to be approved - Please don't start posting until we have notified you. If you are making a second claim than please post a new comment and do not reply to your old one. We might miss it.
5. Start posting to the community! You must post all your claims here for us to know when you've completed it. Go at your own pace; don't post anything you feel unhappy with unless you want to, you have plenty of time so don't rush yourself!
6. When you have finished your claim post HERE and you will receive a shiny banner!
7. If you want to DROP a claim, post HERE


Post Guidelines:
Always place your fic, drabble, art, poem or whatever under and LJ-cut.

Use this format:

And for the subject, use this format:
Fandom / Who the claim is for / Table + prompt
EXAMPLE: X-Men (Movieverse) / Ava Lynd / 50-A #9. Heartbeat
EXAMPLE: Brutality (Original) / Nerys Llanfair / 50-B #38. Elusive

Always remember to add your tag (specific to you!) for each entry.

G All ages admitted
PG Some material may not be suitable for children
PG-13 Some material may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13
R Under 17 requires accompanying parent or legal guardian.
NC-17 No one 17 and under admitted

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